Original animations developed in 1991 by Antoine Vignau for the Apple II platform. Those included the two-voice synthesizer by Paul Lutus and B&W 560x192 DHGR animations. The source code is included.

The first animation is launched when you boot the diskette. The second one is in the LABYRINTHE folder. Those were proposals for Jean-Marc Boutillon's (aka Deckard) game Brazil (http://boutillon.free.fr/Underground/Jeux/Brazil/Brazil.html)

What is funny is that I discovered the first animation on youtube.com recently, see it live at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CSXj0N-_iPA

There is also a DHGR to SHR sprite conversion included. It is probably there because it appeared I wanted to make a IIgs version of Brazil.

Download :

Anim'Disk for Brazil - 140 KB disk image

Anim'Disk for Labyrinthe - 140 KB disk image