Cross-Dev Tools

2011-2015 by Antoine VIGNAU and Olivier ZARDINI

  • Cadius
    A Windows utility to manage Apple II image disks (.2mg, .po) and simplify Data Exchange between Windows and GS/OS
  • KEGS
    All mandatory files required to compile KEGS on modern Visual Studio IDE
  • Merlin 32
    A Windows / Linux / Mac OS X Cross-Assembler for 6502 / 65c02 / 65c816 processors targeting the Apple IIgs platform
  • Mr Sprite
    A Windows Sprite Management utility targeting the Apple IIgs platform
  • Mr Sprite Tech
    A Technical article discussing about the Mr Sprite inner algorithm
  • OMF Analyzer
    A Windows utility to explore the content of OMF Files (S16, Exe, CDA, NDA, FST, PIF, Library, Tool...)
  • Window Capture
    A Windows utility to catch Graphics from Emulators (Screen Capture, Animation Recording...)