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Apple IIgs production figures! Current count is 2,543,144!
Help us in finding how many Apple IIgs were produced by sending the serial number of your machines. The s/n can be found on the bottom side of the case. Send it to

What's up, doc?

  • 2016.02.10 / i'm fEDD up goes v2
    Thanks to John Brooks, we can archive our 3.5" disks. Thanks to 4am and his numerous requests, you can load/save your config, write or skip writing files, productivity++. We have added several text files for emulators coders to support .EDD, extended .NIB and .N35 files.
  • 2016.02.07 / You, DustHead! v1.1
    David L. wanted the "Change 5.25" slot & drive", it is now available. Olivier wanted an animation, it is here. And your configuration is now saved and loaded at startup.
  • 2016.02.07 / You, DustHead!
    Say Hello to our disk head cleaning utility. Insert a cleaning diskette in your 3.5" or 5.25" drive and, thanks to DustHead, have it (them) cleaned by moving the disk arm.

  • 2016.01.10 / Know yourself (4 programs)
    Another cassette from Creative Computing Software!
  • 2016.01.01 / Happy new year!
    Olivier and Antoine wish you and yours a happy new year. Please also welcome four new cassettes!

  • 2015.09.08 / One new cassette and a manual
    The original Applesoft II program and demo of SubLogic's A23D1 by Jim Harter, Personal Computers, Inc. Softape's Forte manual is now digitzed and available. The two archives have also been updated.
  • 2015.09.03 / One new cassette
    Mission impossible adventure joins the set of Creative Computing cassettes.

  • 2015.08.28 / French Underground
    France has always been the most prolific market for underground Apple II software, discover the nearly complete collection!

  • 2015.07.08 / System "It can be done" 6.0.2
    22 years, 2 months, 2 days and 2 hours after the last release of Apple IIgs' System disk, the 6.0.2 update is coming as a proof of concept. More to come soon!

  • 2015.06.15 / NinjaTracker Tool221
    Enter a new level in Apple IIgs music quality thanks to the FTA and Ninjaforce, play Soundsmith-like Amiga MOD files in your programs.

  • 2015.05.08 / One new cassette and manuals
    The latest and last Bob Bishop's addition: Softape's Star warriors and Space maze. Plenty of French manuals and books in the /products/france/ folder, please browse by date.

  • 2015.04.28 / One new cassette and a manual
    Adding one cassette and a half from Bob Bishop and published by Powersoft: Saucer invasion. Space maze will come later, the tape is broken. The manual of Program design's Step-by-step is now available.
    Space maze is now available in the Cassettes / Powersoft section.
  • 2015.04.22 / Two new cassettes
    Adding two cassettes from Bob Bishop and published by Powersoft: Rocket pilot and Star war.
  • 2015.04.19 / Fifteen new cassettes!!
    A major update with ten new cassettes from Innovative Computer Programs (Hi, Ron!), Instant Software, MUSE, Programma, subLogic and Wise Owl Workshop (a new name). Thank you, Paul and David!
  • 2015.04.05 / One new cassette from Bob Bishop
    Find Bob Bishop's Assembler, published by Powersoft, brand new with its manual.

  • 2015.03.14 / New cassettes
    Three new cassettes identified. The count now reaches 630!

  • 2015.01.06 / Merlin 32
    Brutal Deluxe Software releases Merlin 32, a multi-pass 6502 65c02 and 65c816 cross assembler for Windows, MacOS and Linux!

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