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  • 20140322 / Cross-dev tool: OMF Analyzer update
    OMF Analyzer goes v1.1 and now supports OMF versions 0 and 1, the DS opcode and segments over 64KiB.
  • 201410322 / One new cassette!
    Discover Softape's (Super) Othello which comes in two versions: Integer BASIC and Applesoft. Thank you, Paul H., that is a great birthday present!

  • 201410215 / Two new cassettes!
    Discover Softape's Electronic index-card file by Bob Bishop, complete with manual and... Migs and Messerschmitts by Discovery Games which came also complete (it is a protected audio stream ;-))

  • 20140104 / Cross-dev tool: OMF Analyzer
    Discover our OMF Analyzer command-line for Windows and the inners of the OMF format.
  • 20140101 / Happy New Year 2014
    We wish you a happy, healthy and wealthy new year 2014. Thank you for 2013!

  • 20131210 / LZ4 compression algorithm on the Apple IIgs
    Read our technical article on the LZ4 algorithm and its advantages for Apple IIgs game design.

  • 20131027 / Ron Graff strikes back!
    With more ten new cassettes from either Innovative Computer and Innerglo, discover a couple of early eduware for the Apple II! I have also added the sixth side of the ABW/Symtec cassettes I own!
  • 20131001 / Apple's Contact newsletter revamped!
    Find a new version of the six issues of the early Contact newsletter from Apple. Darker scan at 600DPI, letter format and OCR on all items. Enjoy!

  • 20130929 / Back to more than 600 cassettes: new releases
    As I have recently purchased a couple of PL's cassettes, I have been able to digitize some missing files and re-organize the ITT/Japan section. There are also some new items for Programma: Laser turret and Spider tag. There are also new titles for Tsukumo Original Soft. Last but not least, discover Voicetek's Cognivox: an external device which allows you to perform speech recognition!
  • 20130921 / Ron Graff is a great person!
    Thanks to Ron Graff, discover Magnemedia's early eduware for the Apple II. Those programs are among the first, if not the first, programs for the education market. Ron, thank you very much! Ciderpress and disk image archives have been updated.
  • 20130901 / BenchmarkeD: get the best of your modern storage devices!
    Download our file and disk benchmark utility for the Apple IIgs and share your results with us.

  • 20130811 / Cassettes: new publisher and friends...
    Thanks to Tom, discover a new publisher (Syntonic Software Corporation) and, thanks to eBay, two Apple cassettes identified.

  • 20130701 / Zéphyr is back! Get it for a single euro!
    Get the double-sided electronic disk image for 1 euro only. Shipping in the cloud is free ;-)
  • 20130701 / A new cassette from Japan
    Thanks to Kazuo, here is Star Blazer from Star Craft, manual included! Ciderpress and Cassettes archives also updated.

  • 20130617 / New manuals and 600 cassettes
    Six hundred, 600! Not owned but listed. Thanks to Paul L. and his numerous library, we have added new manuals and have new cassettes listed!

  • 20130528 / New cassettes
    A new batch of cassettes! The Software Factory's Apple Beneath Manor by Don Worth, with a signed manual. Ritam Corporation's Monty plays monopoly, that is a new publisher. There are 592 cassettes listed!

    If you own cassettes I do not have, please contact me, I would pay shipping both ways to have them digitized and archived. Thank you!

  • 20130410 / Purchase Zéphyr by Froggy Software 22/APR: All 75 copies sold! Thank you for your support!
    Now get the complete Zephyr package for 5 euros only! France or international shipping options!

  • 20130313 / The 2013 release: Zéphyr by Froggy Software
    Live a vintage moment and get a genuine Apple II software from 1987 for sale in... 2013!!!!!
  • 20130313 / Cross-dev tools: Mr Sprite Tech
    After Mr Sprite, discover the inners of the algorithm with Mr Sprite Tech.
  • 20130304 / Cross-dev tools: Mr Sprite
    Say hello to Mr Sprite, a modern way to create smart sprites for Apple IIgs animations!
  • 20130302 / Plenty of new cassettes
    New cassettes from A.P.P.L.E. (Library pak 1C/2B), Hayden (Applesoft utility programs, Engineering mathematics-1, Revive, Slow list/stop list), MUSE (Maze game), Programma (Ampersoft, Jumpout/Shooting stars, Saucer war, Time clock), Systems design lab (Funpak I by Chuck Sommerville) and Tsukumo (Apple invaders)

  • Happy New Year 2013!
    Antoine and Olivier wish you all the best to you and yours for 2013!

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