Developed by Dann McCreary. An 8080 simulator for the Apple II for use with the 16k Apple II. Turn your Apple II into an 8080. The manual is included as an INTEGER BASIC program. The binary program loads at $0800.

Now, read what Dann says about this release:
Hi Antoine,

That is of course me, as far as I know I am the only "Dann McCreary" and
especially the only one who wrote an 8080 simulator. :)

VERY sadly, however, Rodnay Zaks of Sybex talked me into marketing my
8080 simulator through his company. Sybex did a TERRIBLE job of
packaging and printing. I was absolutely horrified one day to read
a very bad review of the simulator, which (upon careful study) was
because Sybex had not included all of the required documentation and
had introduced many significant typographical errors into the docs. :(

And so, the cassette may have some historic value, but I am concerned
as to whether or not it will function properly and whether or not the
associated documentation is correct. :(

Thank you very much for contacting me, I appreciate your work to
archive all of this "good old information." :)

With very kind regards,