Quality Software

By Bob Male. Your Apple computer becomes your astrologer, generating horoscopes and forecasts based on the computed positions of the heavenly bodies. This program offers a delightful and stimulating way to entertain friends. ASTROAPPLE produces natal horoscopes (birth charts) for each person based on his or her birth data. Any two people may be compared for physical, emotional, and intellectual compatibility. The program is written in Applesoft BASIC with machine language subroutines. It requires either RAM or ROM Applesoft and at least 32K of memory. Cassette $14.95
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By Don Worth. Have fun with this unique software. You write a story, entering it as a BABBLE program. As you write the story you specify certain words to be selected by the computer or entered from the keyboard at execution time. Run the program and watch BABBLE convert your story into an often hilarious collection of incongruities. The ways in which BABBLE can entertain you are limited only to your imagination. You can compose an impressive political speech or write poetry. You can plan a dinner menu. You can even form images on the screen or compose musical tunes with the help of BABBLE. The cassette version requires at least 16K of RAM and the diskette version requires at least 32K of RAM. BABBLE is written in machine language and runs on any Apple II computer. Cassette $19.95
  Get the tape version at 6502lane.net
By Erik Kilk and Matthew Jew. In this game of strategy, you and the computer each secretly position five ships of different sizes on a 10x10 grid. Then, the shooting starts. Logic and luck are required to beat the computer. Sound effects, flashing lights, and well-designed keyboard interface add to the enjoyment. 32K. Cassette $14.95
By Don Worth. Descend into an undeground maze of corridors, rooms, and secret passages in quest of rich and powerful treasures. Dungeon complex consists of many floors, each lower level more dangerous than the last. Strategy is extremely important ; experience allows you to increase your capabilities. Integer Basic. Cassette, 16K, $14.95
Known for its oustanding graphics and its speed of play, this popular program is the standard to which other computer backgammon games are compared. Hi-Res color and musical cartoons at game's end make Fastgammon entertaining as well as challenging. 24K. Cassette $14.95 (priced at $20 also). Command is 800.2C00R 800G

By Stuart Smith. Fantastic adventure game like no other. Up to 8 players at the same time journey in the land of Faroph, earching for hidden trasure while warding off unfriendly and dangerous creatures. Players compete with each other or gang up on the monsters. Can be saved. 32K. Cassette $19.95