Discover Vincent Hémeury's work. Vincent is a well-known Apple IIgs French developer who did a lot with the machine over the previous decades. Vincent is working on updating several famous programs of the IIgs.

AppleWorks GS v1.2:
Based on Yvan Koenig's disassembly of AppleWorks which has led to BréjouxWorks, the official AppleWorkgs GS v1.1 in French (sold by Bréjoux), Vincent has updated it to solve some bugs and offer new features. Read the ReadMe file for more information.

Multi-Switch is a powerful and versatile program switcher. It handles most of the IIgs applications either in desktop or text modes. It deals with ProDOS 8, BASIC and even DOS 3.3 programs. Programs and data can even be reused upon a control-reset.

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Pict2 Converter:
Pict2 Converter is one of the most complete graphics utility for the Apple IIgs. Not only capable of displaying IIgs graphic file formats and animations, it contains a beta version of Quicker-Time, a module for hypermedia commands management to IIgs animations. Those animations can be added to the Desktop Window Manager. It also supports the Video Overlay card and its double video buffers, interlaced mode and its 400-line display. It is a must-have for the owners of such a card.

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SendPostscript is a powerful utility which allows you to send Postscript or TrueType font type 1 to your Postscript printer. That offers the best printing quality to your documents.

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