Update September 2018 - A musical toolset from June 2015 for the Apple IIgs by Antoine VIGNAU and Olivier ZARDINI. With code from Ninjaforce and FTA.
Included is v2 that supports the 4soniq card with up to eight output channels.

NinjaTracker Tool221
Enter a new level of music quality on the Apple IIgs

NinjaTracker Tool221 is a GS/OS toolset to play musical scores made with Ninjaforce's MODConvert2 software. It works like the Soundsmith toolset 219 written by the FTA. Tool221 integrates the NinjaTracker software that plays Soundsmith-like musical scores to which Amiga MOD effects were added.
  • Full support of the NinjaTracker player
    It supports all the effects of the Amiga MOD files.
  • Demo and source code
    The disk image includes all the ncessary files for you to install, understand and use this new toolset.
  • This is a joint effort
    Based on FTA's Tool219 with the addition of Ninjaforce's NinjaTracker, get Tool221 and listen to high-quality musics.
  • v2.1 & v1.1.3 fix bugs
    Error codes were wrongly returned when there were no errors!

NinjaTracker Tool221 plays music files generated by Ninjaforce's MODConvert2 available at http://ninjaforce.com/.

Big thanks to the FTA and Ninjaforce for their approval.


2mg disk image (V2.1)

2mg disk image (V2)

2mg disk image (V1.1.3)

2mg disk image (V1.1.2)