How to operate the Apple IIe
3 Audio Cassettes
& Operator's Guide

You are about to sit down with a personal tutor, who will "talk you through" the essential operations of an Apple //e computer. In three "hands on" training sessions of about two hours each, you will learn how to use your Apple //e. By Howard Manthei and Lee McFadden, published by FipTrack Learning Systems in 1983.

Getting Acquainted
Tape 1, side 1
44 minutes
Tape 1, side 2
43 minutes
Using Disk Storage
Tape 2, side 1
37 minutes
Tape 2, side 2
36 minutes
Making Copies and Program Changes
Tape 3, side 1
43 minutes
Tape 3, side 2
39 minutes
Operator's Guide & Business reply card