Browse the Apple II internet sites from our favorite lists. It is a never-ending update...

French Links

    A site managed by Arnaud Brossard, dedicated to the Apple IIgs. In French only.
    Web site dedicated to the inners of the Apple II cards. Jean-Pierre Lagrange knows a lot more than others on our beloved machine.
  • Free Tools Association
    Web site of the world-famous Apple IIgs band: Free Tools Association. Their ActiveX IIgs emulator can be found there.
  • Quart de pomme
    François Michaud, a collector of Apple products, shows his tremendous collection.
  • Silicium
    An association dedicated to the preservation of computers and associated items. The guys are brilliant!
  • Underground //e
    Jean-Marc Boutillon, a collector of the Apple II line, shares a lot of documents and information for us.

Awesome links!

  • Apple Computer Cork & Cupertino 1983-1998
    by Karl Grabe, leader of the Apple //gs ROM diagnostics. Discover never-seen pictures of interface cards.
  • Speccie's Software
    by Ewen Wannop, known for his network software. Also hosts Chris Vavruska software.
  • Ninjaforce
    Web site of the world-famous Apple IIgs band: Ninjaforce. Download their great releases!

Manufacturers & Resellers

    Development and sales of Apple II hardware devices and accessories.
  • Manila Gear
    A new player in the market, maker of the forthcoming 4soniq card for the Apple IIgs.
  • R&D Automation, LLC.
    Home page of a CompactFlash / IDE Interface card for the Apple II.

News & Co.

    Your total source for Apple II computing.
    Your source for Apple IIgs programming and more. By Dagen Brock.
  • Apple ][ history
    A must-see site. The story of the MOST personal computer. By Steve Weyhrich.
  • The Apple II Documentation Project
    A must see and must contribute site from Marc S. Ressl - A project to centralize all about the Apple II. We now manage the site.
  • Apple Archives
    The world-famous directory of Apple II links. Thank you, Bill Martens.
    Your total source for Apple II computing, by Bill Martens.
  • comp.sys.apple2
    The usenet with a modern front-end.
  • Drew ][
    Blog dedicated to all things Apple IIgs.
  • Juiced.GS
    The site of the latest quarterly Apple II journal. Subscribe to it and read my articles :-)
  • Open Apple
    An Apple II podcast by Mike Maginnis and Ken Gagne.
  • What is the Apple IIgs?
    All you ever wanted to know and download about the IIgs. A IIgs reference by Alex Lee. A must see!